Sunday, November 2, 2008

Relient K and Ghost Hunting

So this week was quite the week.

Thursday, I had the opportunity to go see House Of Heroes, This Providence, Ludo, and Relient K at the Pageant in St. Louis. Although I got lost on several occasions, and had to make 5 U-turns, including being at a stop light and having a fire truck with it's siren on pull up behind me and me having no idea what to do.

All of the ridiculous driving problems were all worth it once we got to the show. House of Heroes was great, despite a short playlist, This Providence was pretty good, Ludo wasn't my really my cup of tea, and Relient K was incredible. The last time I saw RK, they played with Switchfoot on the Appetite for Construction tour. They were slightly disappointing on that tour, possibly because SF puts on such a great show. However, they were far from disappointing that night. Song after song was great.

After the show, I went and bought a House of Heroes shirt and This Providence shirt for myself, and a Relient K shirt for Erin (which she loved). In the merch room, I got to meet and talk to Tim Skipper, the lead singer of HOH, who was quite cool.

After that, we chilled by RK's tour bus waiting to meet them all. After just about 45 minutes or so, John Warne, the bassist, came out followed shortly by the other guys one at a time. I got my picture taken with all of them, and small talked a little bit with all of them.

Friday night, I was invited by my friend back home Ryan to go ghost hunting in "The Bottoms" back home. To give a little background, I live near the Ohio River, and his uncles have a farm in the low laying area down near the river. We, along with 4 girls, Annie Rose Martin, Abbie Bickett, Erin Ellis and Cacy Ellis, went together. For quite a while, Ryan drove us around telling us ghost stories, and I knew he was stalling for something. He kept calling one of our friends from high school, Kyle Lowery. He was giving him directions to a guy's house in a neighboring town. However, with the continued calls, I knew something was up, but he was so confusing with his talk, I stopped trying to figure it out.

We finally got to "Calico Lane,"and I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty darn creepy. It was way out in the middle of nowhere, and there was absolutely nothing on this lane. At one point in time, he stopped the car by this wooded area, turned off the lights, rolled down all the windows, locked them, then shut off the car. The girls in the back were yelling at Ryan to roll the windows up, but Ryan refused. I, personally, was a bit scared myself, but I played it off like I was tough. Later on, we met up with a few other friends, Kyle Morton and Derek Drone. We pulled up on Calico Lane a little farther and, with lots of persuasion, got everyone out of the vehicles and walked for a while. The girls were scared out of their wits and made sure to let us all know.

After quite a bit of walking, Ryan finally decided it was time to turn back around and go back to the vehicle. On our way back, two people came out from the ditches and scared all of us. It was Kyle Lowery and his sister Makenzie. Once I thought about it a little bit, I realized I could have seen that coming, but I didn't really think too much about it.

To sum up my weekend, it was pretty awesome.

2:59 am

The Lining Is Silver
Relient K
Album - The Bird And The Bee Sides

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