Monday, November 3, 2008

Stress Is Bad For You

So today started out alright. I had intended on going to chapel this morning, but slept through my alarm. Took a test I didn't study for. Then the not so goodness started...

Made a 65 on my mini-test in Ear Training. Then she started to talk about finals which got me all stressed. Went to dinner very hurriedly in order to practice a little bit for guitar lessons, which I didn't get to do. I practiced for guitar lessons a little bit, but not enough to keep the teacher from saying "What have you been practicing?" I can tell he gets rather frustrated when I'm trying to play, 'cause I get flat out pissed off. Why does playing notes on the guitar have to be so difficult? Everyone here makes it look so easy, but I struggle with that. He also said "I'm a little concerned with your playing for juries." Frankly, I'm scared to death. Basically, I'm gonna fail guitar lessons, and lose my scholarship. $6,000. Gone. $6,000 that my parents don't have.

If anyone reads this, which I'm beginning to doubt anyone does, keep me in your prayers.

6:32 pm

The Scientist
Album - A Rush Of Blood To The Head

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