Monday, July 6, 2009

What I Hate About These Two Sites

Here are two sites right here that really aggravate me. I'm sure there are plenty more like them, but these are the two I'm familiar with.

These two sites review music, video games and movies and tell us whether they are "morally acceptable." These are my questions: How impressionable am I really? What makes the people who review these things incapable of being hurt by the media they are taking in? Are these "Super Christians" not capable of being morally injured by viewing the media they're reviewing? And if not, why don't we all just reach this level of Christianity so that we are all incapable of being demolished by this media?

This is my view on media: If you are responsible enough and mature enough to realize what is real and what is not, then I find you responsible enough to view said media. People who go out and watch "Public Enemies" are not gonna say, "Hey, if Johnny Depp can rob a bank, why can't I?" Get real.

Do I think people are influenced by media? Absolutely. I know I am. But how deeply you are influenced by media is up to you. Do I listen to strictly Christian music? Nope. I listen to music that has thought provoking lyrics, and music that makes you think. And believe it or not, you can get a lot out of lyrics that don't always fit the "Christian Music" box.

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Anonymous said...

Oh word? lol idk about the second one, but just lists the objectionable content so that viewers who put limits on what they watch can find out what they wanna know without going to see the movie. It's free, so no one's being forced to go to their website. I agree that their
"conclusion" section usually is full of BS, but that's their opinion, and this is my opinion of their opinion. No one's forcing anyone to come to the same conclusion. Therefore, sometimes I check their site ahead of time, just so that I know I'm not going to see an all-out porno, but I never take their conclusions too seriously.

Matthew Moore said...

Anonymous, really?