Sunday, October 26, 2008

To start off this blogging expedition...

Hello all who decide to read this. I'll start out with a bit of personal information about myself:

My name is Matthew Ryan Moore, and I'm currently a freshman at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. I grew up in a county with no stop lights, no fast food, and graduated with 63 other students.

My passion is music. I love listening to it, playing it, and writing it. This blog will more than likely revolve around music for the most part. In fact, I will add what song I am listening to when I end every blog, just for your delight.

As you will come to find, my favorite band is Switchfoot. Their lyrics, their music, their love for helping others, it's incredible. One of my favorite songs by them is called The Economy of Mercy. It is one of their older songs, one they wrote prior to their mainstream fame of The Beautiful Letdown. The chorus goes something like this:

In the economy of mercy
I am a poor and broken man
In the currency of grace
Is where my song begins
In the colors of your goodness
And the scars that mark your skin
In the currency of grace
Is where my song begins

Isn't that incredible to think about? When it come to mercy, we are poor, and sure as heck don't deserve it. But because of God's "currency of grace" that he gives so freely, we are freed and "our song begins."

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I'll do my best to keep up with this.

10:05 pm

In The Valley Of The Dying Sun
House of Heroes
Album - The End is Not The End

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